Welcome to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2012 Season Blog

Check out what Founding Artistic Director Terrence O’Brien had to
say on the eve of rehearsals:

In a few short hours, I begin rehearsals for HVSF’s summer 2012
season.  A bunch of old friends will be on hand, as well as some new

Somehow, every time I begin this process, I always wish I were more
prepared.  The task ahead seems daunting.  We train our acting
company, rehearse three productions in repertory (Romeo and Juliet,
The 39 Steps, and Love’s Labour’s Lost), open them in rapid
succession, and then I go straight back into rehearsals for The Dork
Knight, Jason O’Connell’s one-man show.

But the idea that I can be prepared for all this is illusory.  And it
flies in the face of how I want to work and what I believe in strongly
about Shakespeare production.  The discoveries and interpretation
should happen in front of the audience, not in isolation in the
rehearsal studio, and certainly not inside my head before rehearsals
begin.  And the more prepared I am, the more likely it is that we will
favor my pre-meditated choices and consequently thwart our chances at
making real discoveries in front of the audience.

The very best I can do is to know to the best of my ability what’s on
the page, to be open to new ideas, to throw away any notion of any
kind of result, and to facilitate the inventiveness of the other
artists working on the project.

This approach sounds to me like a lot more fun.