First Day of Rehearsal for The Three Musketeers

Rehearsal Report #1

As I reflect on the first day of rehearsal for the Three Musketeers, I found it quite inspiring, exciting and daunting at times.  I am excited to work with the returning and new company members.  I found the read of the play very funny, what a huge relief for me.  As a director I sometimes have a hard time finding what I am reading funny, especially when it comes to situational or behavioral comedy.  I find that working on so much Shakespeare has made me look for language comedy first.  The Three Musketeers is a play that focuses on action, character and theatrical spectacle.  The need for theatrical spectacle was what I found the most daunting today.  As a theater we tend to move away from spectacle, so I always become a little self-doubting when it comes to putting spectacle on the stage – that said I am excited about the possibilities.  It is also great to be reminded that a play only really exists in the space not on the paper and needs the life force of the actor.  Luckily we have actors with amazing life force.

I thought I would share with you some of my notes from the first day of rehearsal and how our day was scheduled.

Introductions of actors and their roles

Light read through of the entire play

A few notes

  • D’Artagnan’s father reminds me of Obie Wan Kenobi from Star Wars
  • Whenever someone says D’Artagnan they should be brimming with pride
  • Rochefort and Milady may have a relationship history.  They are vying for status with the Cardinal and each other.
  • Is Gascony in our culture like Appalachia?
  • We have to work on pronunciations of all of the names – either go English or French pronunciation.  Will check in next week.  May be some comic possibilities.
  • The women in the play work to control their own fate.  Does it succeed?
  • First act run about an hour and that is with reading stage directions – yay!
  • How do I create a balcony, closet, barricade, sword break, swinding D’Art in a space with no set pieces?
  • The queen is an enigma to me.  What is the actual relationship with Buckingham and the Queen?  Smart?  Put upon? Damsel?
  • Swinging in on a rope.  Will it work?  I hope we can make it happen.  Make sure the vom is not narrow this year.
  • Need to add a character we may have forgotten about – The Servant.  One line – how did we miss that?
  • Why is the Protestant War scene in this play?  Aaarghhh!
  • These actors are funny and having a good time.  HUGE!
  • Whole show read 2 hours and 4 minutes with a 10 minute break and stage directions read– yay time to play.

Look at costume renderings, listen to early music choices, and talk about characters and discoveries from read through.  End of day.

I am very excited about the next day of rehearsal.


Director of The Three Musketeers


2 thoughts on “First Day of Rehearsal for The Three Musketeers

  1. Sounds like an exciting first day …. know the show will be superb.
    About the Queen and Buckingham … I’ve always thought it’s real true love. However, I’m not sure just how smart the lady is.

    • Hi Susan- we’re really excited about the show as well! And one of the best things about theater is that each person can read/see the same play and come away with wildly different thoughts and perspectives on it. Keeps it really interesting.

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