All of our WHAT HVSF MEANS TO ME stories will be shared through the WHAT HVSF MEANS Blog but we had to share the winner!

What HVSF Means Winner
I fell in love with my wife on a date to your performance of Comedy of Errors.
For my 39th birthday I was blindfolded and unknowingly driven to one of the most amazing dates of my life. We arrived at Boscobel at 5pm and had a beautiful picnic overlooking the Hudson river. Growing up in NYC my whole life we had our sights but none ever  took my breath away as when she pulled the blindfold off at that moment. After the amazing picnic and beautiful sunset we started back toward the tent for the performance. Equally beautiful was the way the lights bounced of the tent and made it look so inviting. During the performance, I looked over and saw my wife laughing. In that moment, like a slow motion scene in a movie, I realized that I loved this woman and would someday make her my wife. I guess in life we all try to find our life’s movie moment and I found mine and I am forever thankful.
Every summer I get tickets, we have our picnic and I watch her laugh and despite all that has changed in our lives, jobs, a new baby, I fall in love with her all over again.
Thank you HVSF for the amazing shows we get to enjoy and for giving us a little escape on a beautiful summers night.
– Philip T. Mosa
(picture above shows Philip and his wife Stephanie on their wedding day!)